Annabelle's Great Pond Bed & View is located mid-island, a practical place to stay and set up if you're looking to take in all of the Martha's Vineyard experience.  The larger towns, each with its own character, are 8 to 10 miles in all directions from our place.  Many people prefer this "mid-island" approach for the calm and peacefulness and the escape it provides in balance.  We are surrounded by a horse farm, a farmer's field and the beautiful Tisbury Great Pond. If you bring or rent kayaks, it's the most scenic half hour paddle out to a beautiful private barrier beach and picnic on the Atlantic Ocean.  We always recommend bringing a car or renting one but about 20% of our guests either bike or use the bus system.  The closest bus stop to our place is 3/4 mile walk and the bus runs once per hour.
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